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Greetings everyone!

Lately the word “Motivation” has been on my mind. Most people can get demotivated at times, whether its you, me or in fact anyone! It is so normal, especially nowadays when there is so much to do, the crazy amount of competition and the stress of all other things that can just leave us in a big slump. There are some small steps I want to share with you all that can help you and personally, I take when I want to get motivated again!
One Goal: I think the biggest reason people get demotivated is because there are so many things to deal with and we want to accomplish so little time. It all gets confusing and pushes us down. Pick one important thing at a time and work your hardest on it. Then move on to the next step you want to take.

Delete The Negative And Replace With Positive: This is something we all deal with and I really try hard to overcome. When we try to motivate ourselves and we don’t get what we want, we focus on the negative. We think if we failed once, we have failed it all and it isn’t worth trying again. It's important to change those thoughts and think of what went wrong as a learning step to work towards the better. That failure is training you to for the future because there is probably something better in store for you.

Find Your Inspiration: It is so essential to find what inspires you. For me, it’s others who are accomplishing what I want, my close ones and the little things in life. I love to read various blogs, books and take inspiration from family and friends. The little things for me are little quotes that motivate me. It sound super silly, but I have a board on my Pinterest, where I pin various quotes that inspire me. When I am in a slump, those quotes motivate me. The more you see such things, the more you think about getting motivated. I even have an inspirational quote as my phone wallpaper.

Write It Down: I like to write my goals down and when I want to accomplish them. For example, if you plan to work out, write it down and make a goal that is realistic for you. I love to write down what I plan to do and the best feeling is when I cross it off when it's completed. Where ever you write this goal, write it somewhere you will see it everyday, whether its your journal, planner or as a reminder on your phone.

Realistic Time/Baby Steps: Like I mentioned in the step above, try to make goals, but create a realistic timeline for your goal. For example, you cannot plan to study for a test 12 hours straight, a day before the test, when you know that isn't going to be realistic for you. You have to create realistic goals with the right timings, so you don’t get overwhelmed and by the end of it get demotivated. If you take baby steps, you will eventually start small and be able to accomplish it all in the end.

See The Benefits, Not The Difficulties: We always think about how hard something is. We have to motivate ourselves to focus on the benefits we will get after achieving a goal and not how hard it is going to be to get there. It can be hard, but the benefits will be worth it all. See the benefits, not the hardships.

Support Group: For me, I like to talk to my mom about things that I want to accomplish and she gives me her advice and ways she thinks I can accomplish something. Having a good support network can help you reach those goals faster and motivate you. For example, working out. You can ask a couple of your close friends or boyfriend to take some work out classes with you. That way, it can be fun, but also motivate you to actually go and work out.

I hope this helps some of you! How do you motivate yourself?

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  1. It's so important to have people around you that are a positive influence in your life. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most.


  2. This is so motivating. Really!!! :) Hard times can pull you down..only motivation helps you up!! Great post!! :)

  3. This is a really nice post !
    I would like to write them down on my diary book :) Keep reminding myself !

  4. Love all the suggestions :)

  5. I absolutely agree! :)

  6. Thank you Nikita! I am glad it helped! :)

  7. Thank you Maireem! I am glad I could help! :)

  8. I basically live by the quote on that coffee cup. I'm generally a morning person. Not super early, but the morning portion of my day is my absolute favourite, I feel the most motivated and a good start to my day keeps me sane