Sunday, September 20, 2015


Greetings everyone!

It's been a while since I did an inspirational/life post and I thought I would come and talk to you guys about starting new chapters in our lives. It could be related to anything in life, whether its work, moving, relationships or anything you could be dealing with at the moment. Many of us want to turn a new leaf and just start a new chapter and these are some quick tips for you all!
1. To Let Go Of The Past: This is a hard one to do at times because all you think about is why it didn't work, what was wrong, could I have changed that? These questions are always in our heads, but the best way is to let go and realize your starting fresh for your own happiness. Questioning everything will not let you move on and start a new chapter, it will just put in you in a confused state where you want to put puzzle pieces that do not fit together.

2. Every Story Is Different: I think all of us do this very often. We compare. Compare ourselves to people around us and what they are doing. It's important to remember, we all have a different story, we all are unique and we all cannot be the same. What is meant for someone else, will not always be meant for you. See what you are good at and go after that, because you are not someone else.

3. Make A Plan And Set Goals: Write down a few points on what your next steps will be. For example, leaving a job. Writing down where you will be applying to, what kind of jobs do you want to work at, what are you good at, etc. You have to set goals for yourself. First make the goal and then break it up into how you will get to them.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Fail: So many people don't start new chapters because they are too scared to see what's in the future and the factor of failure. What if you don't find a job? What if you end this relationship and won't ever meet anyone? Questions, questions and more questions cloud the idea of changing and choosing happiness. Instead of doubting and being afraid, we have to stop and understand that the best way to know if it will work or not, is by letting it happen itself.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People: Having a support group who helps you realize that starting a new chapter is the best thing for you is always amazing. Surround yourself with people who are positive and understand your decision, not someone who will be negative and only see the drawbacks of the decision.

6. Relax And Work Hard: Have a balance between relaxing and making the most of life. Enjoy that new chapter your starting, but don't forget it isn't easy and you must put all your effort to make it successful, whether it's work or a relationship. This will make you happy in the long run.

7. You Have One Life, Live It: This is something I try to tell myself everyday. We have one life, and this time will never come back. Live it, enjoy it and make the most of it. You want to be satisfied at the end of the day, and happiness is the most satisfying. If starting a new chapter is going to make you happy, do it!

I am not an expert, but these are a few tips and tricks I have personally implemented in my life. I wish you all luck for starting new chapters!

Until next time..

miss singh

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