Wednesday, October 14, 2015



For years I have used wallets. They are perfect because they fit everything and even though I still love them for their long list of uses, they don't always seem to be the most convenient. I have switched to something smaller and compact and the plus is, its adorable!
Luckily, everything fits in here that I need, and it really helps me organize my stuff better. Instead of having keys somewhere lost in my bag and a million things in my wallet, this helps me keep the essentials. Also, if you are a starter to buying luxury brands, this is the perfect first time piece to buy. It really helps you get a feel of what Louis Vuitton products are like and can still be budget friendly compared to buying a wallet. Of course being a luxury brand, this little baby is great quality, no matter how much you try to stuff in it. It's sturdy and of course has the Louis Vuitton classic monogram canvas that is scratch free and did I mention, gorgeous!

Now onto an important question, how much does this little thing fill? Well, quite a bit. It is great, because Louis Vuitton put a lot of thought while creating this pouch. I can fill in all my credit cards, ID and business cards. I honestly don't carry a lot of cash but if I did, it would fit perfectly. I also put in my health insurance card, rewards cards, train pass and it fit smoothly. I also attached my keys to the hook. Now everything is in one place!

I highly recommend this if you are looking for something more compact. I hope this review was helpful!

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch: Buy here

Until next time!

miss singh

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