Wednesday, November 18, 2015



I was never a brow girl. I didn't care much if my eyebrows looked perfect and the only thing I ever did was groom them. Perfecting eyebrows have become such a big beauty trend, especially those thick fuller brows. I have always tried to keep my eyebrows thick for years and in this post, I tell you the only product I use to perfect those brows!
My number one tip I could give anyone when it comes to grooming eyebrows is to thread. Yes, I have been threading since forever and I don't recommend plucking your eyebrows with a tweezer. The best way to grow them and getting those thicker looking brows is to let them grow and get them cleaned up by just threading. My brows to go here and there, which is why I need something gel based. I have used the gimme brow by benefit for a while, but then I found this product! L'Oréal Stylist Plumper is the perfect and easiest way to perfect eyebrows. It has a little color and gel that holds the eyebrows and in place while making them look fuller. It is very affordable and a drugstore product that performs better than high end products.

I highly recommend if you want to add a little color and oomph to your eyebrows! I don't have the most perfect eyebrows, they kind of go all over the place at times, but I love the end result! What brow products to you use?

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