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Back with a quick review on a product I was recently sent and after truly trying and testing it, I wanted to give you all my thoughts on this product.
I have been a big fan of eye masks for a while, but haven't found anything that wasn't itchy or irritating, until I tried these. There is some very interesting history behind these eye masks actually. These were masks were born in the 18th century by Byrne Victor who created the "Ageless Mystery" to the Queen Josephine (wife of Napoleon) and became the first one to serve the customized skin care. How interesting is that? Not only is the history behind it cool, the whole oxygen part of the product made me want to try it. Oxygen is actually essential for the formulation of new cells and this product does that under the eyes which helps eliminate puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, bags and fine lines.

Now, I know this product sounds like it has many claims, but so far I have truly enjoyed them. Do I think you will use it once and all the puffiness and dark circles will vanish, nope. This is more of a product to keep using and after various uses will show results over time. I think they are a nice treat to have after a long tired day before going to bed. It's quite cooling and soft on the eye area. If you haven't tried masks like these before, they can be a little funny to apply, but after using them once or twice, they are just amazing! I am going to be traveling soon and these are going to be in my plane essentials for sure.

If you are looking to try something different, I highly recommend these! They haven't shown huge signs of change yet, but I think if I stick with them they will help me in the long run!

You can purchase these eye masks on Amazon or this link . I also have a $5 value code for you guys if you would like to buy the 3-boxes package. Here is the code: DJ68-9SRN4N-J86Z6J

What are your favorite eye masks?

Disclaimer: These masks were kindly sent to me by VII Beauty to try out. All my opinions are my own and 100% true!

Until next time..

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