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Kiko has been a brand I have been wanting to try for a while! I have heard such great stuff about the quality of their products and decided to give it a true test! Here are the products I bought and reviewed for you.
Kiko Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow: I love shadow sticks and those are the first things I wanted to try, especially these ones. The moon shadow water infused sticks are from the Midnight Siren range from Kiko that are super easy to glide on and have the perfect consistency. I think purple and dark brown colors look amazing on my brown eyes, which is why I picked the colors "Mysterious Chocolate" and "Attractive Purple." What's amazing is that they have these shimmers in them that brighten the eyes. I highly recommend them because they are a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury sticks and the By Terry ones, but so much more affordable.

Kiko Double Touch Liquid Lipsticks: I am always up to try long lasting liquid lipsticks. So many brands have started making them, but not all are the way I expect them to be. These are beautiful colors that would love perfect one every skin tone. I picked a deep brownish red and a more pinky color! I usually don't use the gloss that comes on the other end of it, but I have and it's helped it last a little bit longer and not be as drying. I personally like to add a balm before I put these on. They are not my favorite, but they are nice to use sometimes.

Kiko Precision Eye Pencil: This is one of those white inner liners that help brighten the eye up. I haven't been the biggest fan of white eyeliners. I think they make me look ghostly and don't give me the final look I found when I do my eye makeup. But, if you are someone who is looking for a new eyeliner, this one is pretty good. It is creamy and long lasting..I wish I bought another color to try out, but I got this one because I thought I could try the "brighten with a white pencil" look for the eyes.

Kiko Nail Polish: I don't think this is anything great. I honestly love the aqua color, but the quality was very average compared to my O.P.I and Essie nail polishes. This one can be streaky if you don't apply a few coats and chips pretty fast. If this color was in a better formula, I would be all over it.

Overall, I have been loving Kiko and can't wait to try new products. I am linking the website below for you guys, so you can order online or see if a store is near you! They are affordable and worth the money to try.

Kiko Cosmetics 

Until next time..

miss singh

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