Tuesday, September 13, 2016



For labor day weekend, we took a quick road trip to Montreal, Canada! Even though we didn't have a lot of time to spend there, we did a few fun things and explored beautiful Old Montreal. It has been a place I have wanted to visit for a very long time, and finally had the chance to do it. I also vlogged the whole trip which I have linked below including these pictures!
Want to see more details from the trip? Check out my vlog on my YouTube channel, give it a thumbs up and of course subscribe for more travel vlogs like these. Enjoy!

I really had such an amazing time and highly recommend all the places we went to.

Lunch: Bevo Bar
Desert: Maison Christian Faure
Dinner: Modavie
Must See: Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
Shop: Little Stores in Old Montreal

Until next time..

miss singh

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