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Another foodie post is here for you guys! As you know, I am no restaurant reviewer, but I absolutely love trying new spots and sharing them with all of you. NYC has so many options that sometimes it's nice to get a review from someone who doesn't work for the industry and is just a customer like anyone else. Enjoy!
While I was going through brunch recommendations online, I remembered hearing a lot about Sarabeth's. I know there is a lot of history behind Sarabeth(yes, she's a real person) and her being a multi –award winning restaurateur, artisanal baker, jam maker, cookbook author and winner of the prestigious James Beard Foundation’s “ Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year” award so I kind of know I am in good hands.

Our plan this day was to have some brunch, but we ended up staying out late the past night and decided to stick with the lunch this time. Sarabeth's has five location in New York City so whatever area you are in, you can stop by. They also have their bakeries around the city! We went to the Tribeca location which was really good. Sarabeth's has been around for a while now and they know their food. If you are someone who loves options, this is where you want to be. They have everything from healthy sandwiches to warm sugary pancakes, it has anything you could want. I also loved how easy it was to get a reservation and it also has brunch all day on Saturday's and Sundays.

The decor is comfy, cozy and filled with lots of light. It is quite spacious and has different rooms filled with gorgeous art. For drinks, I started with the Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash Cocktail which has their well-known jam in it. Super refreshing and delicious! They also have good options for wine lovers. For lunch, we got the Lobster Roll and the Adult Grilled Cheese. I am not someone who ever orders grilled cheese, but this one was perfection. Mouth melting literally and the pretzel bread adds the softness you need in a dish like this. The soup was a creamy tomato one that complimented the grilled cheese so well. It had three different kinds of cheeses! The lobster roll was such a hit too and was recommended by our server. The lobster meat was fresh and the chips were super yummy.

For dessert, we went with the Gelato Cookie Sandwich in Vanilla and the S'mores in a Jar. I have a big sweet tooth so we had to get both and they were super delicious. The warm cookie with the ice cream is super savory and sweet. For those chocolate lovers, S'mores in a Jar is super chocolatey and has a good crunch to it because of the graham crackers. I also got a cappuccino of course to wash it all down!

I highly recommend Sarabeth's if you are looking for a good brunch/lunch spot in the city. I love how cozy it was and the service was super welcoming. They have a massive menu with a ton of options for everyone which is always a plus!

Sarabeth's: 339 Greenwich St, New York, NY

Until next time..

Miss Singh

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