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If you follow me on social media, you know I have been traveling and currently visiting my motherland, India! Last time I went to Goa was a few years ago and I couldn't help but take a trip there this time. I was craving some relaxation beach time and Goa is perfect for it! Here are some pictures and recommendations.
HOTEL: Taj Holiday Village
When you're in India, you have to stay at one of the Taj Hotels. They are simply the best and Holiday Village was no exception. The property is so gorgeous and an absolute dream. Little golf carts taking you from one side to another, the views are just beautiful. It's huge surrounded with cobblestone streets and lots of palm trees. The beach is right in front and the colorful villas are such a perfect treat. They have of course all the amenities such as a pool, gym, spa, and fitness center. The poolside is relaxing with a big pool bar too where we spent sipping really well made refreshing cocktails. The villas(rooms) are very nice and comfortable with a ton of space. They have different options depending on how many people are in each room and other needs you may have. The hotel also has various restaurants for your convenience. The hospitality exceeded my expectations here. If you want to stay at the best, Taj Holiday Village is where you have to stay. Luxury at it's best! 

Even though I only have a picture the food from Calamari Shack for you, I have a few other places I recommend. Goa is known for their amazing shack food that has a ton of options. Calamari is the favorite of many. Of course, we tried their calamari which was delicious. The tiger prawns were cooked super well and have the best Goan flavor. Tandoori Pomfret Fish is another dish that you cannot miss when you are in Goa at one of the shacks. Pomfret is light and filled with flavor. A must have! The seafood is all pretty amazing. We also tried so authentic Goan food. I had been craving some spicy Goan fish curry! Mum's Kitchen, Gunpowder, Curlies, and Soi are some good restaurants. There is also a lot of nightlife in Goa!  Baga beach has a row of bars such as Mambo's, Club Cabana and Tito's. For some good live music, I highly recommend Cavala. Another spot with a gorgeous view and somewhere you have to go in Goa is Thalassa. It's a lot of fun of something you shouldn't skip when visiting Goa! 

Goa is, of course, a beach town so there are a ton of beaches to visit. Anjuna Beach and Morjim Beach and Baga Beach are a fun party beach with some good food and drinks. They also have water sports and boat rides. There is also a lot of shopping to do in Baga with a ton of stores with a ton of options. If you want something more relaxing and laid back, check out Candolim Beach and Agonda Beach. Goa was a Portuguese colony, so the architecture is quite reflective of that culture. Se Cathedral is a must see when visiting Goa if you like some sightseeing. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is another one you cannot miss to see when you are in Goa. There are also many museums around if you are interested in that. 

I hope you guys found this helpful and enjoyed a look into this relaxing trip in Goa!

Until next time..

Miss Singh

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