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Contouring is something I have dabbled with for a while now. I personally love the cut clean look of a nice contour and sometimes I keep it supernatural depending on my time/mood. Usually, everyone finds contouring quite intimidating and hard to do but all you need is some practice and an easy product to work with. Today, I wanted to share two products that are affordable and found at the drugstore that will give you the same contour you could achieve from higher end products. Also, some of my quick tips on contouring!
What I love about contouring is how much it can help define the beautiful features of your face. Both of these products are cream based and are under $10! I enjoy using cream products in the hotter months plus they bring in a beautiful end result. Firstly, map your face. We all have different features so it is important to see what works best for you. To bring out cheekbones, find the hollow parts by making a kissy face. For your temples, you can trace your hairline and the sides to make your forehead look smaller. I also like to contour the nose from the middle and the tip. I also focus a little on the chin and jaw line to chisel it up.

Firstly, I found this E.l.f Cream Contour Palette at Target. This four pan palette has three bronzer shades and one yellow highlight shade. This is great for all different skin tones and ideal for contouring. The consistency is very creamy and easy to blend. I don't use the highlight shade much, but the three bronze shades are amazing! I usually mix them up depending on how sculpted I want to look. The ideal places to contour are your forehead, hairline, jaw, nose, the tip of your nose and under your cheekbones.

It is really up to you where you think you want a more sculpted chiseled look. I usually don't go too overboard with the palette and like to show off my natural features but it is your preference where you want to use the product! I use this palette when I am going to be glamming up more. This baby is just $6 at the drugstore. Also, if you are not a fan of cream, they have the same palette in a powder finish.

For a more casual day when I don't have much time, I like the Wet and Wild  Contour Stick. This handy dandy stick is perfect if you are short on time but still want to have a contoured look. It is very creamy and quick to swipe on the areas you want to sculpt. The damp beauty blender is the best way to give the cream a natural finish. The Wet and Wild stick has a bunch of other shades too and is only $4! What a steal! I use the color Where's Walnut? which works great for my skin tone. This formula also blends very easily. The best way to blend both of the products is with a beauty blender and then a brush. Use dabbing motions up and down on the lines and then the brush to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Contouring can be fun, easy and on a budget! Keep practicing! YAY!!  I hope this post helps some of you!

E.L.F Cream Contour Palette: $6
Wet and Wild Contour Stick: $4
Beauty Blender: $20

Until next time..

Miss Singh

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