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I haven't done a post dedicated to a NY restaurant in a while so I decided to share a quick post on a new spot I have heard a lot of buzz about and finally got to try.

Tacombi has been on my list for a long time now. I thought this would be a perfect spot to try because their menu really comes down to Tacos which are my favorite at any Mexican restaurant. Tacombi on Bleecker Street brings in the unique and traditional Mayan techniques and flavors of streets, stands and markets of the Yucatan to the West Village. The restaurateur Dario Wolos began making tacos a decade ago. He was selling them out of a Volkswagen bus in Mexico and since then, he’s moved to New York and opened four restaurants around the city! I love the look and vibe of this place. It is laid back and you almost feel like you have been transported to a street style restaurant in Mexico. The airy open feel, colorful walls, white tiles and a big juice bar add a unique touch.

The menu isn't huge, but has great selection of tacos and some other yummy options. Tacombi get's their salsas, tortilla products from Vista Hermosa. They also have a variety of fresh juices by Lupita with lots of flavors like watermelon, hibiscus, horchata and more. I didn't order any juices this time, but I will the next time I go there. We actually ordered a pitcher of their classic margarita which was perfectly made and much needed on that hot summer day. We also got some guacamole and chips, both were very fresh. I love that the portions and taste are that of an authentic Mexican street cart.

For the Tacos, we ordered the crispy fish(battered cod), carnitas and seared fish. The carnitas tacos were amazing. Topped with onions, peppers, carrots, and cilantro, they were juicy and well cooked. The crispy fish(battered cod) was a good size with a nice topping of poblano mayo. I would add some more seasoning to this one, but it was good.  The seared fish melted in my mouth and was made quite well. I would for sure add their salsas(on the table) to the fish tacos to add an extra oomph! We also ordered the shrimp campechanas which was fresh and perfectly seasoned.

If you are looking for a taste of some authentic street tacos with a chill relaxed vibe, you will love this spot. I highly recommend this location because of their open space.

Until next time..

Miss Singh

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