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Today I want to talk about my current favorites in beauty and fashion.

So lets do this!!!!


Maybelline FIT Me Concealer: I am a concealer hoarder and honestly, I love my mix of high end, as well as drugstore brands! This one does the job brilliantly well and is inexpensive. It conceals well, blends smoothly into the skin and is perfect to be used as a highlighter under the eyes. I have been enjoying this product even more recently, as I have been traveling and for some reason, breaking out during my trips. The change of weather, food and new environment creates at least two to three blemishes. I recommend this concealer to hide those blemishes and raccoon under eye dark circles.

Maybelline FIT me concealer: $6.99(Prices may vary)

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream: Now, I am not one to believe in the whole “BB” trend (beauty balm) unless it’s an actual Korean brand, which is where they originated from. In case you didn’t know what BB creams really do, they are just foundation/tinted moisturizers that have various skin care benefits that act like a foundation. This BB cream didn’t do anything for my skin as far as skincare is concerned, but I liked that it had great coverage and I could wear it on a day-to-day basis, without looking cakey. It’s light and easy to slap on the face in case you need some fast, on the go coverage.

Garnier BB cream: $12.99 (Prices may vary)

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick: I have been eyeing this for a while now and this color has been my summer love!(No.6 in Pink in Devotion) It’s a beautiful shiny pink. It glides on the lips and feels so nourishing. These lipsticks have a very different feel, not like a lipstick, but more like a balm which I am all for! This color looks so pretty too and can be worn with  just about anything. Not only does it look good, it smells amazing. Very fruity and not like a lipsticky smell, if you know what I’m talking about. And the packaging people! It’s a gorgeous gold tube and so very eye catching that it just makes the lipstick even more worth buying.

YSL lipstick: $35

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner: I was in New York a few months ago and ended up going to a Japanese store and stumbled upon this eyeliner. I know this has been a cult product for many, but I had never tried it before and gave it a shot. If you are learning how to apply liquid eyeliner- THIS IS PERFECT because of its extra-fine tipped brush.

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner: $15.60

The Body Shop Body Butter in Moringa: This smells so good! I love flowers and if you do too, your going to love this body butter. It’s nourishing, thick and creamy. It blends in the skin and keeps your body nourished all day! I have never been able to finish a body butter  because I get bored of scents, but this one is almost done. Perfect for the summer and winter season.

BodyShop Body Butter in Moringa: $20 


COS T-Shirts: On my trip to Dubai, COS was one store I was dying to check out. I love my pretty blouses, colorful tops and all that fancy looking stuff, but I am a simple gal at heart who loves her comfy tees. I love the Topshop ones, but these are my new favorites. They are perfect to wear with jeans and leggings, plus you can add some colorful jewelry if you want to spice them up.
COS round neck Tees: $31

Necklaces, necklaces and more necklaces: I love necklaces especially statement pieces, but I also like dainty long chained necklaces that just add a little oomph to the outfit. Currently and all summer long I have been loving these three babies. The first love is my JCrew faux diamond necklace, which just about goes with everything. It really glamorizes everything up and goes with casual and dressy outfits. The next two are long chained necklaces, both from Forever 21. I got the turquoise and red one a while ago, but this black and gold dainty necklace is this summer’s addition. I wear it with EVERYTHING. I don’t know why, but  I end up picking it over all that I have.
Jcrew Necklace: $58

Forever 21 necklaces. Couldn't find them to link! 

Sunglasses: My favorites have been these Rayban’s. They are my all time loves. Big enough to hide the hater, I’m talking about the Sun (wink wink), but go with everything as well. I usually like bigger sunglasses and  wanted to try some aviators. These are a mix of both and perfect for the summer. 

These are just a few of my favorite products at the moment! I was thinking of doing some more of these every month. What do you all think? Comment down below and let me know. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

miss singh


  1. love it!!! lovely pics and very informative!!! well done

  2. Great article, very informative! Can't wait to try dom of your suggestions

  3. I've been looking for a good drugstore BB cream, I may have to give this one a go! Thanks for the rec!


    1. I am glad I could help! :) Thanks for reading and following!