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These past months have been all about traveling for me and I thought it would be the perfect time to talk to you all about the things I have in my bag when I’m flying from one place to another! So here you go!

Firstly lets talk about a bag where you’re going to pack all your essentials! I was always a gal who loved a stylish purse but can't carry all the things I need in it. So, I have switched to totes and backpacks. I bought this bag a while ago from a boutique and I absolutely love it. It’s a faux leather bag and fits everything. Not only is it like your typical backpack but also chic and stylish. 

Now on to the things in my bag!

1)Passport: Of course, my passport is the most essential but, what’s even more important and fun is a nice cover or case to carry the passport so you don’t loose it (that would not be fun). My New York cover is from

2)Wallet and a Book: Another essential is a wallet for your plastic money and cash! My wallet is from Prada. I absolutely love this one because it fits all my cards, cash and ID’s. Its small and compact but fits a lot. I also love the color, which is a beautiful burnt orange. Of course, when your flying, reading is a great option. It passes time, which is great for long flights. My book for the flight is Papillion, which is one of my mom’s favorites(she always has the best book recommendations).  

3) Ipad and a Planner: An Ipad is good to have to read books, listen to music, watch a movie, etc. which is why I always have it when I travel. I carry it in this Michael Kors cover! Even though everything is all about technology now, I love writing things down in a planner. It is just easier to remember and I prefer it to jotting stuff on my phone. This planner is from a museum in Chicago and it has some fun graphic artwork by one of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol.  

4) Beauty Stuff: I always carry some toiletry essentials in this compact bag from Benefit cosmetics. (Isn’t it so adorable?) I carry a deodorant, a travel size perfume (currently using the Dolce and Gabbana light blue), some lotion/cream, hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works(smells like coconuts), hand cream for those crackly palms(love Hand Food by Soap and Glory), a cleansing wipe, my favorite lip balm at the moment(Nuxe’s  Reve De Miel) and lastly these hydrating eye patches that are so cooling and hydrating on the flight for those tired eyes!(DHC eye stripes

5) Mints and Gum: We don’t want bad breath, now do we? So, I also carry gum and mints. Altoids and Dentyne gum, always! 

6) Comfortable Shoes, Scarf and My Phone: I need comfortable shoes on the flight and I love these Tory Burch flats. Comfortable and super stylish! It also gets quite cold on the plane so I like to carry a warm scarf to wrap myself with. Mine is from Gucci and it is the best to have when while traveling. And of course I cannot go anywhere without my cell phone! (Cover from Kate Spade

7) Laptop and the Mophie: Of course, another obvious one is my laptop that goes with me everywhere. Also, I never forget my Mophie to charge my cell phone because its always dying.
8) Neck pillow and Some Chocolate: I also just bought this neck pillow in India, which is so pretty and great for traveling. I have a sweet tooth so I always enjoy some chocolate on my travels. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on what are my travel bag essentials. Hopefully it helps you all a little when you pack!  
Happy Travels! 

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Until next time! 

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  1. you have covered the essentials very well miss singh...definitely need all these things while travellng..well done as always!!