Thursday, September 11, 2014


I am back with a travel post! I have been able to travel much more since I have been on holiday. I decided it would be fun to take a trip to a nearby historic place that I have been anxious to see and show you all. Maheshwar is a small city near my hometown in India. I have been there once before, but this time I get to share my little trip with all of you which makes it even better.
The temples, forts, monuments and river are a must see if you are in the Madhya Pradesh area. If you are one who enjoys history or architecture you will love this place. It is just so incredible to see such history that has been in existence  for years and still there for us to witness  It makes one really appreciate it even more. I will let it all speak for itself in the pictures!
Maheshwar has been a centre of handloom weaving since the 5th century. It produces one of the best and most beautiful Maheshwari fabrics that are used for sarees, indian suits, kurta’s and more. In Maheshwari sarees three types of fabric are used which are produced at the workshop. These include cotton, silk and zari.(fabric used for borders). Maheshwari fabrics are known to be more simple in designs but are colorful and produced very well. 
Rehwa Society is an NGO started in 1979 , in response to the need to revitalize the weaving industry. The main objectives to start the organization was to sustain hand weaving and its tradition, empower women weavers by giving them employment and provide housing, healthcare and other services to the weavers. Rehwa's delicate textiles are sold throughout India. All surpluses support a school, housing program and health services for weavers and their families. This is probably why I absolutely loved meeting the weavers and seeing the workshop. It was fashion and philanthropy under one roof which is something I am all for. Unlike other workshops in India, the weavers are happy and are provided with housing, food, healthcare and education, which is just wonderful to know. 

It was fascinating to see how the whole process of producing a fabric took place and how the final product appeared. A place to stay while you’re in Maheshwar is the Ahilya Fort. In 2000, the Ahilya Fort was converted into a small hotel/ residence area. 
It was such a fun and incredible short trip where I got to see history and fashion under one roof! 
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