Thursday, October 9, 2014


Greetings lovely people!

Autumn has hit us (or at least in Chicago), which is why I decided to do a fun post on my favorite lipsticks for this time of the year.
Now, I know you all must be wondering, out of all  things, why did I choose to do a post on lipsticks??  I believe fall is the best time of the year to experiment with some fun colors. Summer is fun, but I like dark reds, purples and browns and the best time for those vampy colors are Halloween time and when the leaves are falling, which is why I bring you my fav’s! All the colors are reds but many have different undertones which makes them all unique. 

So lets start!

1) Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate: This is probably one of the best formulas I have ever tried. Its pigmented, nourishing and doesn’t have the typical lipstick smell (something I cannot stand). They smell kind of fruity in my opinion! The color I have is number 11. It’s the perfect, almost dark, but not too dark matte red that just makes a statement. It is very hard to find a non-drying matte lipstick and this one is great. It is more like a balm but has the perfect formulation to last a very long time. 

2)Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick (Pulp Fiction collection): Another red to my collection. This is such a pretty shade of red. Not too dark, but can be built up for a more dramatic look. I like that if you just dab a little bit of this color, it gives a nice stained red look on your lips. The texture is extremely creamy and glides on the lips. It lasts all day, even while eating and drinking.  It’s a deep red, but has some cool undertones. It’s quite vibrant and has a shine to it. I also have the lip-liner for this, which is amazing and so smooth. Perfect to wear with other reds and of course, this lipstick! I love Pulp Fiction, so I am so glad to have this in my red lipstick stash.

3)Wet and Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy: This is not a really red color. It’s more on the purple side, but its absolutely gorgeous when applied. I wouldn’t call it vampy, but if you are someone who doesn’t like dark pinkish purples, with a hint of red, then you may not like this. A lot of people say it’s a dupe for MAC’s Rebel. I personally haven’t owned the color but I have tried it on before (my cousin has it). Sugar Plum Fairy is more drying then MAC’S Rebel, so I would apply a lip balm before I apply it. This lipstick is around $2 whereas MAC lipsticks are $16. So, I would still buy it because it’s a great deal!

4)NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square: I have had this for a while (it looks quite dirty and used haha). This pencil is so matte and nourishing. It is almost like applying a jumbo lip pencil that just glides on your lips perfectly. This color is a more coral red. I like this for days when my skin looks tired, because it brightens it up and the coral orangey red is perfect all year round. I love the formulation in this and I plan to pick up some more of these.

5) NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Spicy: This is a spicy color for sure! First of all, this is not like your typical lipstick. It’s a glossy formulation that dries to a matte satin finish. This is probably the most pigmented out of all the lipsticks I spoke about. You just need one application of this on your lips and BOOM! you have the bright spicy red. This lasts all day and all night, wont glide here and there and will stay in place, which is perfect when you are going to an event or party. It can be a little drying, which is why I use balm for this one before application. For the price, it is an overall winner!

Here are the swatches of how the colors actually look outside the tubes!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Let me know what your favorite red color lipsticks are? (I don't mind adding more to my stash)

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Thank you again for reading!

miss singh


  1. love the reds!!!! thanks for the info on these amazing lipsticks...they are a mix of pricey plus affordable...i like that miss singh!!

  2. That Wet n Wild lipstick looks just perfect! Great post x