Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Long time, no see!! Why you might ask? Because I moved!! I have been interviewing in New York for over a month now and I finally landed an amazing internship opportunity with a PR and Events company and it's in New York City!
I have been wanting to make the move to New York for a while, especially after I was done with college. Fashion is something I have always loved and been passionate about and I can finally work as well as experience the industry. I am so excited to take you all on this fun journey with me! I just want to record this important stage and transition in my life. I moved into a cute studio apartment and will be doing a ton of posts on my apartment space, my experiences in the city, food and all the exciting things that I do!

I have been wanting to post more, but because I have a full time internship and this big move I haven't had much time to sit and just write. I promise to get back to it!

Cheers to the next step!

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Until next time loves!

miss singh


  1. That is one city I wanna stay forever and ever!! :) Congratulations, Mehar! :)

  2. that's so awesome, congrats!